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Multifamily Management Company, LLC

Mosaic Village is maintained by Arco Management, a team who believes that caring for a community isn’t simply about buildings & assets, but people & dignity as well.

With more than 40 years of experience in making sure things are tip-top for residents, Arco Management keeps everything running smooth, safe and easy.

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Alternative living group

For over three decades, Alternative Living Group has been recognized for its unique sensitivity to the special needs of persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities in the Capital District. At Mosaic Village, ALG is committed to serve this community rich in diversity and to partner with individuals and families from all backgrounds to ensure quality lives and to create meaningful opportunities for independence.



The Vecino Group is a company devoted to housing for the greater good. Every project we touch—affordable, supportive or otherwise—must address a broader need, set an example, give back and inspire the people working on it with a sense of higher purpose.

Mosaic Village does all these things. As an inclusive community for creating social growth, Mosaic Village is a place where people can reach across ability boundaries to create lasting friendships and add their unique contributions to the world.